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Growing for the future

Making healthier manufacturing choices.


 Omega Feeds under the food division of Paradise Farms Pty Ltd have provided a commitment to sustainability for well over 30 years.


Using locally sourced Australian Sunflower Seeds,  grown with sustainable agricultural practices that are at the heart of farming in Australia.

Why are we sustainable?

We recycle all our Sunflower seed shell matter into making our Products.


Every manufacturing process generates waste. Omega Feeds is committed to minimising the amount of waste that we send to landfill.


In minimising the waste that we produce we seperate our by-products and these include:

Sunflower Hull (shell) , broken kernels and Sunflower Meal.

and redirect them to the highest quality through re-use and recycling.


We use 99% of all the de-hulled shell of the Sunflower Seeds and the broken kernels that are not required for the Human food chain. These bi-products are the primary ingredients used in the manufacture our Equine Feeds.

Our manufacturing plant is proudly using green energy

Our passion for sustainability continues in our processing plant, which is powered by the Sun.


By switching to green energy, our factory is focusing on clean energy and actively supporting the renewable energy clean solutions


Because of our conscientious and effective business practices from less waste , to a lower carbon footprint Omega Feeds are doing everything to help protect our natural environment.

Our Certifications

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