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Horse owners wanting to reduce the impact of grain based feeds have found that Omega Feeds is the answer. To give your horse the best & to get the best from your horse - Try an Omega Feeds diet today.

Horses have evolved on high fibre diets, and should be fed a minimum of 1% of their body weight per day in fibrous feeds. Fibre has many important roles in horse heath. It is a source of energy, provides the horse with gut fill (bulk), horses spend more time chewing the fibrous feed, so they produce more saliva which buffers the stomach and protects it from ulceration, and the fermentation of fibre also produces B vitamins. 


It is known that grain based diets are often responsible for causing ‘fizzy’ or stereotypical behaviour, gastric ulcers, tying up, laminitis, and colic. Horses have a limited ability to efficiently digest the large amounts of starch present in grain based diets due to limited enzymes in the small intestine. When excess grain is consumed, it will escape digestion in the small intestine and overflow into the hindgut where it is rapidly fermented into lactic acid. The build up of lactic acid causes a decline in faecal pH, killing the good bacteria and releasing endotoxins in the blood, often resulting in metabolic conditions and digestive upsets. 

Complete Feeds

Platinum_HIGH RES.jpg
No-Grain Platinum

The complete feed for performance and working horses.

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Gold_HIGH RES pack image .jpg
No-Grain Gold

Light to medium work, ponies and spellings.

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Pony Plus_HIGH RES.jpg

Complete feed for laminitic, easy keepers and ponies.

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Weight Gain_HIGH RES.jpg

The perfect supplement for high weight gain and nutrition.

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Maxicoat_new design_HIGH RES.jpg

The perfect supplement for coat shine, healthy hooves & cool energy.

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