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Platinum POS Flyer

Formerly No-Grain Blue.

We have changed the name of No-Grain Blue to Platinum. A superior product now with a well deserved name!

POS Flyers available in store!
(Printable PDF available soon)


Pony Plus POS Flyer

NEW Product Launch!

PonyPlus - Ponies, easy keepers & laminitic horses.

LOWEST starch on the market.

POS flyer available in store!

(Printable PDF available soon)

WeightGain - In The Pink

Omega Feeds WeightGain press ad featured in many well renowned equine publications such as Horse Deals & Hoof Beats.

WeightGain - our very popular high weight gain formula. Search for your nearest Stockist & try it today!

Keeping your horse 'in the pink!'

PonyPlus Double Page Press Ad - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!

As seen in the current issue of Horse Deals & Hoof Beats!

We are expecting PonyPlus to be available in store's within 2 to 5 working days.
(refer to our blog for latest news and updates).

PonyPlus - 'putting the bounce back in their step!'