The power of sunflowers.



Friday, July 04, 2014
Here at Omega Feeds we pride our self on producing high quality horse feeds based on the goodness of sunflower. You may be wondering, why sunflower? Sunflower seeds are packed with loads of nutritional benefits:
  • High Fibre Content (Hull- outside of the seed) 
  • High Fat Content (Kernel - inside of the seed)
  • High Methionine Content 
  • Cool Energy 
  • Low Starch
  • Palatable 
  • Adds coat shine 

Our concept of sunflower based feeds opposed to traditional grain based ones, gives our product range a unique difference in the marketplace. As more and more people are becoming aware of the problems associated with grains they are looking for fibre and fat sources to meet their horses nutritional requirements. Horses don’t need to be fed a heap of different ingredients, in fact when you start adding bits of this and bits of that in, your likely to make the diet unbalanced. Feeding horses doesn’t need to be tricky, in fact its easy - keep it simple but balanced and you will see results!

I just want to add that we don’t use whole seeds. All of our high grade seeds go through a dehulling plant which breaks the hull and enables us to separate the kernel (inside of the seed) from the hull (outside of the seed). This is a significant point to make as it is more digestible to the horse.

From pleasure riding through to elite competition, we have a feed that will suit you and help improve the performance of your horse. With proven results, you really cannot go past an Omega Feeds diet!