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This Spring, put your horse's best hoof forward!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Spring might be the best time of the year, but if you have horses that are prone to developing laminitis, this season may be the beginning of serious health problems.

Springtime cold nights and warm days can drive sugar and starch levels in growing grass to extremely high levels, with the highest sugar content during the afternoon/early evening on warm sunny days. Laminitis occurs when horses consume too much of the new, lush grass resulting in an overflow of sugar/starch into the hindgut. This kills off the good bacteria present in the horses hindgut and releases harmful pathogens that are absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause laminitis.

When this occurs horses experience a decrease in blood flow to the laminae, the connective tissue connecting the hoof bones to the hoof wall, which in turn begin to die and separate. The final result is hoof wall separation, rotation of the coffin bone and extreme pain.

So, before Spring really hits, take steps now to ensure that your horse is healthy and ready for warmer weather and greener pastures.

Omega Feeds PonyPlus is a complete feed that has been specifically formulated for horses with metabolic conditions such as laminitis. With the lowest starch content of any complete feed on the market, it is the ideal preparation feed that you can give your horse.

Omega Feeds PonyPlus is also low in energy, which is a huge advantage as obesity is one of the most common causes of laminitis. A low calorie, nutrient rich feed will help with weight loss and keep your horse on the healthy track.

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