The power of sunflowers.


4 reasons you should choose Omega Feeds products

Friday, March 17, 2017

Why choose Omega Feeds?

Why is the Omega Feeds range different to other premium feeds? 

Here are the top 4 reasons why feeding Omega Feeds is the better choice for your horse:

  1. Our products are based on sunflower seeds not grain (like most others on the market). Because the equine digestive system is poorly designed to digest large quantities of grain, there's a limit to how much grain you can feed without risking dangerous conditions like colic and laminitis or causing a ‘hot’ temperament. Omega Feeds is a cooling and calming product.
  2. Sunflowers are a known Superfood. And what makes our products even more special is that we dehull the sunflower seed and separate the hull (the fibre) from the kernel (the fat). By dehulling the seed, we make the seed more digestible (started breaking the seed down for the horse). Feeding whole seeds can be fruitless as they can pass through undigested.
  3. Sunflowers are full of rich Omega fats. Fat is a safe and excellent energy/calorie source for horses. Fat contains more than twice the energy content of starch, and horses digest and utilise fat well. Supplementing fat into the diet can increase calorie intake without greatly increasing the quantity of feed, so it can be more economical to use Omega Feeds.
  4. A quality fibre source is essential in a horse’s diet for proper digestive function.The horse’s digestive system has been designed to digest fibre NOT grain, which is why our 3 complete feeds are based on the fibrous hull of the sunflower.

Sunflowers are packed with nutritional benefits and by separating the fibre and fat components we are able to manufacture and 
range of products suitable for a variety of horses from easy keepers to hard doers. 

Here at Omega Feeds we want to ensure you horse gets the most out of every seed and feed.

WeightGain - keeping your horse in top condition all year round

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
With winter well and truly here and the temperature rapidly dropping, a horse a will burn more calories to generate body heat and keep warm. A high calorie supplement such as WeightGain is ideal for the winter months as it will provide your horse with the extra calories needed to maintain or increase body weight. For all those people out there who have said I have tried this and tried that, you are yet to try the best- The results seen from WeightGain speak for themselves!

Reasons why WeightGain works:
  • High calorie content for rapid weight gain (28% Fat)
  • Quality protein for muscle growth and topline
  • Highly digestible & well balanced 
  • Contains a customised blend of vitamins and minerals for optimum health 
  • Blend of quality ingredients, which achieves brilliant results.
WeightGain will help keep your horse in top condition all year round. Click here to find you nearest stockist