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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Are you looking for the ultimate performance horse feed that will provide the energy needed for optimum performance yet contains NO grain to significantly reduce the risk of gastric ulcers and tying up? It is clear many competitors want the energy or 'oomph' without the problems associated with grain, which is why Omega Feeds has scientifically formulated No-Grain Platinum

It seems to be a common practice to feed performance horses a large quantity of grain to boost the energy content of the ration, however many don't realise the problems this can cause. Two common conditions seen in performance horses are gastric ulcers and tying up and although triggered from a number of causes they are commonly associated with feeding grain. 

The benefits of No-Grain Platinum:

  • FIBRE BASED - Safe energy source, also keeps the hindgut healthy 
  • LOW STARCH (<3%) - Reduced risk of metabolic conditions 
  • 12.3 MJ/Kg DIGESTIBLE ENERGY - Contains the same digestible energy content of some grain based feeds on the market!
  • NON PELLETED- Horses spend more time chewing, which increases saliva and in turn buffers the stomach and helps protect it from ulceration
  • PALATABLE - Excellent for fussy eaters 
  • WELL BALANCED - Contains a complete vitamin & mineral premix specific to the needs of performance horses in medium - heavy work 
  • DUST FREE - Wont irritate the airways 

Want even more energy?? Fat supplementation is also a great way of increasing the energy content of a ration whilst reducing the risk of metabolic conditions. Scientific research has shown that a fat supplement such as MaxiCoat will provide 2.25 x more energy then grain!

Always remember, in order to improve the performance of your horse and reduce the risk of gastric ulcers and tying up you need to ensure you are feeding your horse correctly, as nutrition along with training will directly impact on how your horse performs- Try No-Grain Platinum today!