The power of sunflowers.


Do you have problems with:
  • Tying Up?
  • Hyperactive Behavior?
  • Gastric Ulcers?
  • Poor Performance?
  • Laminitis?
If you answered yes to the above questions, Omega Feeds can help your horse!!

It is very common to feed large amounts of grain to race horses in order to increase there energy intake, however by feeding high grain diets you are predisposing your horse to a number to health issues. Horses have a limited ability to efficiently digest the large amounts of starch present in grain based diets due to limited enzymes in the small intestine. When excess grain is consumed, it will escape digestion in the small intestine and overflow into the hindgut where it is rapidly fermented into lactic acid, predisposing the horse to metabolic conditions and digestive upsets.

By simply reducing the amount of grain fed and supplementing fibre and fat sources you can improve your horses health and performance.

Why supplement No-Grain platinum?

Fat is also a valuable energy source that can be supplemented into the diet boost energy levels whilst reducing the risk of digestive upsets/ disorders that are commonly associated with feeding large amounts of grain. MaxiCoat is composed of de hulled sunflower kernel which is high in fat (54.9%), so it is a highly digestible and dense energy source for horses (Provides 2.25 x more energy than carbohydrates). Fat also has a number of other potential benefits:

Why feed MaxiCoat over oil?